//Negotiation on HR Council Rejected

Negotiation on HR Council Rejected

United Nations, Feb 28 (Prensa Latina) President of the 60th session of the UN General Assembly, Jan Eliasson, warned the US on Tuesday that their attempt to reopen negotiations for creating a Human Rights Council may lead to a dead end.

"A reopening of negotiations will mean new amendments and we would continue going in circles, getting nowhere," Eliasson told journalists.

Last week, Eliasson presented what he described as his "best effort" to achieve a compromise formula for the creation of the new UN mechanism after months of heated debate.

But US Ambassador John Bolton insists that the new text is unacceptable, as it failed to include proposals introduced by Washington.

During months of impassioned discussion, the US mission exerted pressure to include exclusive criteria for selection of members of the new UN mechanism, as well as to impose the two-thirds majority voting method.

"My instructions are to reopen negotiations and try to rectify multiple flaws in the text of the resolution," Bolton told journalists outside the Security Council.

He also indicated that Washington was ready to accept postponement of discussion on the document for several months as an alternative, to "have more negotiating time."

However, Eliasson told press that a failure now to achieve formation of a Council on Human Rights may have "serious implications."