//Bush to visit Pakistan despite Karachi attack

Bush to visit Pakistan despite Karachi attack









Karachi Mar 02: Terror struck Pakistan two days before President George W Bush`s visit, when two near-simultaneous blasts, including a suspected suicide car bomb, ripped through a parking lot near the US consulate here today killing at least four people, including an American diplomat, and injuring 50 others.

New Delhi, Mar 02: US President George W Bush will visit Pakistan despite a terrorist attack in the port town of Karachi in which two persons were killed. one who was a US diplomat
"Terrorists and killers cannot prevent me from going to Pakistan," he told a press conference here. He said he has been briefed that at least one US citizen was killed in the attack on the US consulate in Karachi. Bush also extended his condolences to the people of Pakistan who suffered due to the attack

(Zee News)