//Naobi`s case likely to become "2nd Manorama case"

Naobi`s case likely to become "2nd Manorama case"

The Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL, Mar 2: Insisting the CM to disclose to the House on what charge M Naobi was arrested, MLA L Ibomcha appealed the CM to prevent Naobi`s case from becoming "second Manorama case" by pacifying the agitators.

Calling the attention of the chief minister, in his capacity as home minister, to the non-release of Naobi who was arrested by Thoubal district commandos while attending the funeral of Kh Romen @ Vikash, a self-styled sergeant of proscribed insurgent group PLA involved in the ambush on February 20 in which OC Lokhon was killed, Ibomcha along with Sovakiran asked the minister to lay down Naobi`s crimes, if any.

Ibomcha said that if the charges leveled against Naobi is not made public a "second Manorama case" cannot be ruled out. He suggested the House to send a team of MLAs along with media persons during lunch time to see Naobi`s conditions and investigate her case so that the details can be presented to the House.

However this demand was not conceded by the Speaker saying that such visit would be an intervention to the proceedings of the case.

Asking what actions were taken against the spouses of the assassins of Mahatma Gandhi and Indira Gandhi, Sovakiran questioned the rationality of arresting Naobi for her alleged link with Bikash. Referring to newspaper reports and statements from her family that Naobi was being tortured and her clothes have been torn into shreds, the MLA said when Naobi was arrested there were no women police personnel.

As against the JAC`s demand for releasing Naobi unconditionally, the government is maintaining that she will be released only if bail is moved by the family.

Stating that the government strongly condemns harassment and torture of innocent people, the chief minister said since Naobi was arrested from among the many who came to attend Bikash`s funeral there might be some information that the police wanted to get from her.

He said that since the police cannot detain a person for more than 24 hours, her continued detention must have been approved by court. Maintaining that if she is found innocent, she will be released without any delay, the CM indirectly hinted that her detention might also mean that she might be having information about the planning, collusion, etc of the ambush.

Responding to Ibomcha`s question on the recent killing of Md Abdul Hakim on February 25 by Imphal West police, the chief minister said that from the reports he received there were charges of the deceased`s detention by AR in 2001 for involvement in extortion case and also there is an FIR lodged against him in the Lilong police station.