//1,695 Iraqi Troops Killed in 2005

1,695 Iraqi Troops Killed in 2005

Baghdad, Mar 3 (Prensa Latina) Iraqi Interior and Defense ministries confirmed Friday that 1,695 security officers and agents died in 2005 in insurgency-mounted operations.

Of that figure, 1,222 were police officers considered US collaborators by the resistance while this year 199 National Guard soldiers have died.

Friday, Iraqi Acting Prime Minister Ibrahim al Jafari banned traffic of private vehicles in Baghdad and its surroundings to avoid possible attacks.

The measure, also imposed last week, comes a day after over 30 people died in car-bomb and explosive device blasts in this capital.

Those kind of actions started February 22 when a strong bang wrecked the golden Shia shrines in Samarrah.

From that day more than 500 people have died and 300 others wounded.