//Bush's got India under his bed!

Bush's got India under his bed!

BUSH’S PET: George Bush’s favourite Presidential pet is called India. 

New Delhi: Indo-US relations may have touched a new high and President Bush may be raving about everything Indian – be it the hospitality, the grand welcome or even the famed Indian mangoes.

Purr…amid the diplomatic bonhomie, here’s another thought which might just not go down too well with those raving about the continental camaraderie.

Not many know that in the plush environs of White House, Bush actually fondles India, takes care of her daily dietary requirement and sees to it that she gets all the comforts of being President’s pet…Confused?

Well, George Bush’s favourite pet cat is called India. And he apparently loves her so much that when a journalist asked him if he knew where India was, he almost replied “under my bed”!

India "Willie" Bush, as the pet is called, has been a beloved member of the Bush family for more than 10 years.

Though the family says she was named after the former Texas Ranger baseball player, Ruben Sierra, who was called ‘El Indio’, it goes without saying that if at all Bush is obsessed with ‘India’, make no mistake it’s just a misnomer for the pet.

Currently India lives with the Bush family in the Presidential mansion and loves to nap under Mr President’s bed. Her favorite food is Tuna-flavored kitty treats.