//Devotees offer their tongues to Kali

Devotees offer their tongues to Kali

Hardoi(UP): Devotees are offering parts of their bodies to please the Goddess Kali in a temple in Hardoi, a small town about 100 km from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. People from remote corners of Uttar Pradesh, as well as some from Madhya Pradesh, flock to the temple to witness this "religious ceremony."

According to the temple priest Siyaram Mali, as many as eight people have so far "offered" their tongues at this temple. This ritual consists of the devotee slicing his tounge off and placing it at the godesses’ feet. Devotees perform this bizzare practise to appeasse the goddess.

During the ceremony, Mali says, that the doors of the temple are shut by the priests and a piece of red cloth is tied around the walls of the temple. Relatives of the devotee, offering his tongue, are not allowed to meet him during the ceremony.

The temple priest has maintained a meticulous record of all the devotees who had offered their tongues at the temple. All of them live in Maholia Sivpar village, the very village where this temple is located.

When the local police and state officials were asked abput this bizarre rituals they admitted that they knew about it. The local SHO of Kotwali Dehat, Vijay Kant Mishra, then said he would do his best to put a stop to it.