//Communal clashes reported in Goa

Communal clashes reported in Goa

Saturday, March 4, 2006 (Sanvordem): A mosque was demolished on Friday in south Goa’s Sanvordem town, sparking off communal riots. The demolition was allegedly carried out by a group of Hindus as they felt the mosque was illegal. The mosque was built on government land, but those who carried out the demolition were not part of the government. Since the demolition, Muslims from surrounding areas including Bhatkal in North Karnataka have started coming to this area. The tension is high and mob violence has broken out on the streets.

Several shops and vehicles have been burnt. The state police have been deployed but the situation is yet to be controlled. This is a rare instance of communal flare-up in Goa, but now the trouble has spread to the neighbouring town of Curchorem.