//No leads in Kozhikode twin blasts

No leads in Kozhikode twin blasts

EXPRESS NEWS SERVICE , Saturday, March 04, 2006 at 0107 hours IST

KOZHIKODE, MARCH 3: Kerela had its first ever brush with a serial bomb blast of sorts today, when two timed explosives went off here in succession, injuring two people. Intelligence sources said they had no leads on the culprits, although an anonymous caller had rung up the district collectorate and a local newspaper office to warn of the blasts minutes before the first bomb went off at around 12.45 pm in the garbage dump of the state transport bus station. The second bomb went off in a drain near an adjacent private bus stand, some 15 minutes later.

Police sources said the caller had said the blasts were in revenge for the Marad happenings. The coastal village had seen a series of bloody clashes between Hindu and Muslim fishermen over the last few years.

‘‘But we haven’t ruled out the possibility that this could have been a deliberate attempt to mislead,’’ a senior cop said. They are intrigued by the fact that, while planted in crowded areas, the bombs appear to be low-intensity devices.