//NRI organisations are known for disputes than services

NRI organisations are known for disputes than services

DUBAI — Many socio-cultural organisations run by expatriate Indians in the UAE are better known for internal power struggles and petty bickerings than the services they render, say community members.

The internal conflicts in some organisations are so nasty and intense that most often they come out in the open, leaving a trail of bitterness and bad reputation for the entire community, concerned expatriates point out.

Biju Abel Jacob, a media professional, said: "The UAE government has allowed the associations to function because it thought they would serve the community. Unfortunately, most of these organisations have turned into platforms for some people to further their vested interests. Serving the community is their last priority."

"The recent power struggle in Abu Dhabi Kerala Social Centre demonstrates the extent of rot in these organisations. The Indian consulate had earlier de-recognised Dubai Indian Association because it became a ‘family property’. The attitude of these organisations should undergo a sea change and they should focus on serving the community, instead of turning themselves into a laughing stock in front of the UAE society," he said.

M. K. Madhavan, President of Indian Association, said: "I don’t think you can generalise on the basis of a few aberrations.  Some of the organisations are not functioning well. These organisations should focus on extending humanitarian services and uplifting the image of the community.