//Inflammatory liquid poured inside coach was cause of fire: FSL

Inflammatory liquid poured inside coach was cause of fire: FSL

Ahmedabad | March 06, 2006 9:39:01 PM IST

The Forensic Science Laboratory, Ahmedabad, which has conducted experimental demonstrations to confirm the cause of fire in the Sabarmati Express train on February 27, 2002, today reiterated that inflammable liquid was poured inside the train by standing on a passage in the ill-fated S6 coach and was not thrown from outside.

The finding comes soon after the Railway ministry-appointed U C Banerjee Commission which probed into the incident came up with the conclusion that the fire was an accident.

In its spot investigation report of May 2002, copies of were which made copies of it available to the media again this evening, said that as the height of the coach was seven feet, it was not possible to throw any inflammable liquid from outside nor through the doors of the bogie.

The report said this was tested by throwing water into a coach from different types of containers and it was concluded that the inflammable liquid was poured from inside the train by standing on a passage of the S6 coach, after the train started from Godhra station. The liquid was poured from a wide-mouthed container to set the fire which had spread rapidly.

The Banerjee report has sparked off protests from the BJP and its allies across the country, who have termed it an ”eyewash” and ”politically motivated”. On the other hand, Congress and Left parties’ have demanded dismissal of the Narendra Modi government in the state. Today the Lok Sabha had to be adjourned on this issue.