//UP Haj Minister issued court notice

UP Haj Minister issued court notice

UP Haj Minister issued court noticeTuesday, March 7, 2006 (Meerut):

A court in Meerut has sent a notice to Uttar Pradesh Haj and Minority Minister Yaqoob Qureshi.
Qureshi had announced a reward for killing the Danish cartoonist behind the Prophet Mohammed caricatures.
A local BJP leader had filed a petition against Qureshi on February 21 which the court accepted on Tuesday.
Qureshi is likely to be tried for criminal conspiracy and for abetment of a crime.

There has been widespread condemnation of the minister’s remarks with political parties across the spectrum stepping up the attack on him. Several Muslim leaders also distanced themselves from Qureshi after he made the remarks. On February 17, Qureshi announced a Rs 51 crore reward and the executioner’s weight in gold for anyone who beheaded the controversial Danish cartoonist.