//British Indian Muslims deplore Varanasi blasts

British Indian Muslims deplore Varanasi blasts

London, Council of Indian Muslims:

UK Council of Indian Muslims(CIM) has condemned the bombing in the North Indian City of Varanasi that killed 20 people as, “sheer cowardice and heartlessness displayed by human looking beasts who are a blot on humanity.”

In a statement, CIM’s Chairman, Munaf Zeena, said, “This is the work of shameless and insensitive elements who have no human feelings and who can not tolerate good inter-communal relations in the country and India’s march towards prosperity and development or of those who want to reap political benefits by diverting public attention from their crimes.

“Whoever is behind this savagery must know, whatever their socio-political agenda, that their destiny is failure and humiliation both in this world and in the hereafter. They should remember that Indian society, at large, is too mature to be pushed into the frenzy that they are aiming to create. This is a fact that has been proved again and again and, God willing, the plans of these savages will once again be foiled.”

Zeena urged the Indian Government to launch a quick inquiry into these vicious crimes and give severe punishments to the culprits.

“Our thoughts and prayers go with those who have been affected by such a despicable crime.” Zeena added.