//NDTV uncovers phone tapping business

NDTV uncovers phone tapping business

Thursday, March 9, 2006 (New Delhi): An NDTV undercover operation has revealed that tapping anyone’s phone conversations is easy. Detectives are willing to do extensive eavesdropping even on well-known people while arrests and court actions are underway after phones of Amar Singh was tapped. A detective provided detailed phone conversations of NDTV journalist Burkha Dutt hired by her colleague in the operation. For Rs 30,000 for three weeks, the private spies were able to give elaborate details of the people Dutt met and spoke with on her Airtel and Hutch phone lines.

Under surveillance  — Detectives told the undercover reporter they followed her even to VIP areas, watched her office car park and her home. In a separate operation, a detective agreed to give another NDTV journalist information about her fiancé’s bank accounts. He offered bank statements for a fee of Rs 5,000 and said it is easy to break into records of computerised banks and only nationalised banks are a problem.
Most institutions from phone companies to banks appear to have moles willing to part with private records for just a few thousand rupees.