//Varanasi blast investigation throws up many new challenges

Varanasi blast investigation throws up many new challenges

NEW DELHI: Even as a hitherto-unknown outfit Lashkar-e-Kahar claimed responsibility on Thursday for the twin blasts in Varanasi, raids were underway in the outskirts of Patna and elsewhere as investigations into the blasts threw up several new challenges.

Identities of the two bombers have been established, the bombs were primarily made of easily-available Aluminum Nitrate and not RDX, which has to be smuggled from outside India, bombers were in all probability Indians and a completely new concept of terrorism has clearly established itself in the Indian hinterland.

The UP police, which released sketches of two of the bombers, have now admitted that they don’t have any evidence to link the terrorist killed in Lucknow on Wednesday with the blasts. The new terrorism trend that is disturbing the intelligence agencies is the fact that local modules are well entrenched in areas outside Kashmir.

One of the big breakthroughs is their training in assembling bombs out of Aluminum Nitrate, which is easily available. They no more need RDX, available only with militaries and should be smuggled in from outside India, if not sourced from the Indian military.

‘They aren’t part of us’

LAHORE: Lashkar-e-Toiba, one of the jehadi groups operating from Pakistan, has denied any links with Lashkar-e-Kahar.

“There isn’t any jehadi organisation in Pakistan or in J& K with the name of Lashkar-e-Kahar," said Yahya Mujahid, former secretary information of the LeT. He said the word Kahar means doom and Lashkar-e-Kahar means the army that brings doom.

He was of the view that Kahar must be an indigenous jehadi group based in India and might be using the word Lashkar just to confuse the Indian security agencies. 

Kahar claim doubtful

Josy Joseph

NEW DELHI: Lashkar-e-Kahar is not known to Indian investigators. They are not attaching much significance to the claims made on Thursday morning by the organisation. However, they believe that the Varanasi blasts were in all probability the handiwork of a module of Lashkar-e-Toiba, which is the only Kashmiri terrorist organisation with extensive networks in the Indian hinterland.

Lashkar has created several modules comprising of locals and trained them in explosives, intelligence sources say. These modules would continue to cause havoc, mostly targeted at symbols of India’s resurgence like IT companies and religious locations, they believe.

‘It is a shadow outfit’


SRINAGAR: J&K police is suspecting that Lashkar-e-Kahar might be the shadow outfit of Pakistan-based militant groups. A caller identified himself as Abu Jabbar called up local news agencies and stalked claim for the blasts. Jabbar warned of more attacks in different cities across the country. Earlier, a caller who identified himself as Abu Feroz telephoned a private television channel and claimed responsibility for the serial blasts.

"It can be a ploy to divert attention from the investigation. Pak outfits do not publicly stake claim because it can bring disrepute to Pakistan,” said a senior police official.