//Bush declares Iraq War boring!

Bush declares Iraq War boring!

The US President has upset his armed forces people and their families by stating that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were “boring.” “They’re just not as exciting as I expected when I started them,” he told the local press while holidaying in Maine. “They don’t match up with World War II, Vietnam, or even Korea. We’ll be lucky if Hollywood can get a good movie out of either of them. We’re going to have to try harder I guess to make it interesting.”

When asked what he meant by boring, Mr Bush replied, “Well whaddya think I mean? Explosions, great escapes, mass aerial bombardments, dog fights between fighter jets and stuff! That’s what we want. All we have over there is pimply teenagers strapping on explosives and setting themselves off.”

But when he upset his soldiers with his comments, Mr Bush was swift to respond. “My comments were taken out of context,” he said at a later media conference, “I was speaking off the cuff while getting the boat ready for a fishing trip. My words were twisted and mangled like a piece of cheese on a hook. I was referring to the Iraqis and Afghans who are putting up a pretty boring show. American forces are doing a great job out there pumping rounds and bombs into the local cities and countrysides. But it’s tough for them when the other side isn’t trying hard enough.”