Hindutva Fascism

PANJIM, MARCH 11 — The Sanvordem-Curchorem episode marks the beginning of an effort by Hindu communal forces to curb any assertion of rights by the minority community in the State.
Analysts now point out that the mechanism adopted by the RSS-VHP-BJP combine is in some way akin to the demolition of the Babri Masjid at Ayodhya in the early nineties, when BJP stalwarts along with their supporters stormed the mosque and demolished it in broad daylight.

Likewise, the illegal Muslim prayer house at Sanvordem was a festering problem for years, with the issue creating restlessness among Hindus over its illegality. In this backdrop, scope existed for BJP leaders to rake up a plank for fundamentalist Hindus, which would make them proud — of not permitting any assertion of rights by minorities — which would then prompt the majority community to vote en bloc for BJP, which would ensure their victory at the hustings.

Consequently, there was ample time for brainwashing by VHP-RSS-BJP for  “Hindu preparedness” that the court may not order the demolition of the Muslim structure, in which case it was planned that they themselves would carry it out.
Small wonder that immediately after those involved in demolition were arrested, the police station was attacked – something not easily done in this placid state. This action indicates that the sequence of events was preplanned, in anticipation of police action.

When the court had already given a stay order on its demolition until the case is disposed off, Hindu fundamentalists broke the order and demolished the prayer house without any authority.   This was the ploy adopted in the demolition of the mosque at Ayodhya.

There is little doubt that that the demolition was preplanned primarily because fundamental forces did not have the strength to demolish the structure in the face of status quo ordered by the court, which points out to a certain amount of advance planning. Analysts now say that Curchorem episode is a wake up call for all right-thinking people of goodwill to understand the designs of communal forces within the state, where an orchestrated effort is underway to ensure that the minority community is not allowed to assert their rights granted under the Constitution.

Evidently, this stems from the BJP’s frustration at its perceived understanding that the party is unable to carry the minority votes with them, thereby prompting them to galvanize the fundamental Hindu forces  and in the process frighten the minority into submission
The Curchorem incident however backfired on the BJP, with the minority voters now eying the BJP as an untouchable.