//Muslim women organise rally in Varanasi to protest bomb blasts

Muslim women organise rally in Varanasi to protest bomb blasts

Varanasi | March 11, 2006 9:08:48 PM IST

Muslim women in Varanasi took to streets on Saturday to protest the recent twin blasts here and to show their solidarity towards the victims and their families.

The protest organised by Human Welfare Association saw Muslim women and children sitting with placards saying "Terrorism cannot break our unity’. "We pray that our city returns to full normalcy and we want to say that those spreading terror should stop targeting people if not for any other reason but for the sake of innocent children," said Razia Begum, a local.

The twin blasts on March 7, which came barely a week before Holi, killed at least 15 people.The blasts sparked fears of sectarian violence as a lesser-known Islamist militant outfit claimed responsibility.

Political and religious leaders have appealed people to remain calm.Meanwhile, expelled BJP leader Uma Bharti visited the Sankat Mochan temple and slammed the Uttar Pradesh Government for not acting despite prior information about the blasts.Police on Friday detained eight people over bomb attacks, which were later claimed by Lashkar-e-Kahar, a previously unknown Islamist group.

Police said two of those taken into custody matched police sketches based on information provided by a man who saw a bag being left outside his shop that was later found to contain a bomb. (ANI)