//Only 31 convicts among 529 prisoners lodged in Manipur state jails

Only 31 convicts among 529 prisoners lodged in Manipur state jails

Thingbaijam Dhamen

IMPHAL, March 11: There are altogether 529 prisoners lodged in the jails of Manipur. Out of these 31 are convicted prisoners, 395 are undertrial prisoners and 103 are detained under the National Security Act, according to the latest administrative report of the state jail department.

The report also stated that during the year 2005 a total of 1859 people were admitted and 1795 prisoners of different categories were discharged. Prisoner population at the commencement of the year 2005 was 465. There is no safe custody or lunatic prisoner in the state jail, the report stated.

The number of female prisoners for all cases at the commencement of the year 2005 was 23. Altogether 374 were admitted and of them 371 were released during the year. The number of female prisoners at the end of the year was only 26.

Giving details of the convict prisoners in the jail, the report said that there were 33 convict prisoners at the commencement of the year 2005, all being men. The number of convicts imprisoned during the year was six. None of the prisoners during the year returned from parole, however prisoners were received by transfer. The discharged prisoners from all cases was eight. As such the prisoners remaining at the end of the year 2005 was 32.

One prisoner was released among the convicts on appeal and seven of them were released on expiry of sentence.

The religion-wise number of convict prisoners during the year were four Hindu, one Christian and one Mohammedan. In the previous year 2004 the total number of convicts was 28 out of which six were Hindu, one Christian and 21 Mohammedan.

Out of the 6 convict prisoners four were persons engaged in agriculture, one person employed in commerce and remaining had no exact occupation of his own. Besides all the six were illiterate and aged above 31 and all were married persons. Five were on rigorous imprisonment and only one on simple imprisonment. The term of sentence of one prisoner was exceeding 10 years while another one was for not exceeding one month.

The number of detenues at the commencement of the year was 75. A total of 126 were admitted during the year. Among them 97 were released. As such at the end of the year there were 103 detenues in the jails.

At the commencement of the year there were 359 undertrial prisoners and 1726 were received and 1589 were discharged. The present population of undertrial prisoners in the jail is 496.

In Manipur only two jails, Manipur central jail, Imphal and Central jail Sajiwa are functioning. The total capacity of these two jails is 1090 including only 110 capacity for female prisoners. Manipur central jail has a capacity of 370 including 20 capacity for women while Central Jail Sajiwa has 720 including 90 for women prisoners.

The district jail Churchandpur and Chandel are not functional due to non availability of security and other infrastructure.

There is no separate women`s prison in the state. The women prisoners are kept in a separate block at Central Jail Sajiwa.

The general behaviour and discipline of the prisoners during their confinement in the jails of the state was very good and satisfactory as stated by the report. No serious offences were committed by the prisoners during the period under report, it stated.

The undertrial prisoners were produced before the various courts regularly. But due to non-availability of adequate number of prisoner vans and inadequate security, production of undertrial prisoners on the dates fixed by the courts was not always possible, the report stated.