//CPI-ML opposes

CPI-ML opposes

Statesman News Service

Kolkata, March 12. — The CPI-ML (Liberation) today criticised the CPI (Maoists) for killing the CPI-M rank and file, but reminded that the ruling Marxists had started the “ spirals of terror politics.”
“We are opposed to any kind of political terror or killing of activists of any political party. But the latest spate of violence in Bankura-Purulia-West Midnapore can not be treated as isolated incidents.

A reign of terror has been unleashed in rural Bengal by the CPI-M where any dissent to its hegemony has been systematically gagged,’’ the Liberation general secretary Mr Dipankar Bhattacharya said today while releasing the names of 25 party candidates for the state Assembly polls. He alleged that his party’s candidate at Kalna in the last Assembly poll was killed by the ruling Marxists supporters.

According to him: “Police repression, fake encounters and deployment of paramilitary forces” would not be able to contain the Maoists. “Earlier, similar methods were employed when the Maoist presence was limited to two-three states. Now chief ministers of 13 states huddle together to discuss the same kind of strategies which have already failed.

Nevertheless, the Left Front government too harping on the same prescription,’’ he added.
The Naxalite group which has been at the receiving end of the Maoist firepower in their war of attrition in Bihar, is now considered close to the CPI and CPI-M at the central level. While Mr Bhattacharya joined the anti-Bush Left rally in Delhi recently, he hinted at the possibility of a poll adjustment with the LF in Assam and Kerala. The party will contest in 15 seats in Assam and 10 seats in Tamil Nadu.