//Religious leaders take out march

Religious leaders take out march

FOR A PEACEFUL HOLI: Sri Gurusiddha Rajayogindra Swamiji of Murusavira Math flanked by Moulana Basha Peer of Hazrat Fate-Shavali Dargah and the former Minister Jabbar Khan Honnalli (fourth from right) at the peace march in Hubli on Sunday.

HUBLI: Leaders of various religions, including religious heads of Muslim community, took part in the "Shanti Yatra" (peace march) organised here on Sunday in view of the Holi festival on Tuesday.

The peace march began from the Fate-Shavali Dargah in Old Hubli, passed through thoroughfares of the city and concluded at the Moorusavira Math.

Sri Gurusiddha Rajayogindra Swamiji of Moorusavira Math and Moulana Basha Peer of Hazrat Fate-Shavali Dargah were prominent among those who took part in the march.

The former Minister Jabbar Khan Honnalli, Mayor of Hubli-Dharwad Hanumanthappa Betageri, the former MLC Ismail Kalebudde, Anjuman-e-Islam president N.D. Gadagkar, council members Rafiq Kittur and Kashimsab Shiraguppi, and Commissioner of Police Narayan Nadamani, participated in the peace march.

Prayers offered

The religious and political leaders began the peace march by offering prayers at Hazrat Fate-Shavali Dargah and offered prayers at other places of religious importance to Hindus and Muslims.

Muslim leaders along with others offered prayers at the Maruti Temple at Dakappa Circle, Tulajabhavani Temple at Dajibanpet. At Dajibanpet, members of Somavamsha Sahasrarjun Kshatriya Samaj welcomed the peace march.

Hundreds of people took part in the march.

The peace march is an attempt to strengthen harmony in the communally sensitive Hubli.

Every year, before the Holi festival members of Hindu, Muslim and other religious communities take part in the peace march and vow to celebrate Holi peacefully.

Members of Anjuman-e-islam and other Muslim leaders take part in the Holi celebration. They even take out a procession visiting most of the localities in the city, especially in Old Hubli, greeting Hindus celebrating Holi and joining in the celebrations with enthusiasm.