//Rs. 50 FM Station at Muzaffarpur in trouble

Rs. 50 FM Station at Muzaffarpur in trouble

Posted on Feb 26, 2006 by Sudhir

Everyone praised the FM radio station managed by Raghav, Sambhu and their friends in Muzaffarpur. Now, this popularity seems to be taking them in great amount of trouble.

Their Radio Station is illigal as per the Indian Laws and BAG FILMS have got the license to run a legal FM Station in Muzaffarpur.

Till last month, there was no LICENSED FM Radio station in Muzaffarpur. But, now BAG FILMS have got the license to run a FM Radio Station in Muzaffarpur. Since, BAG Films have paid a license fee and would not like any competitor (Raghav Radio Mansoorpur 1), they might complain it to the authorities.

As per Sajal (A visitor at Bhojpuria.com) – Raghav is running an unlicensed (or ‘pirate’) radio station. Under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1933, he could be punished with "imprisonment which may extend to three years, or with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees or with both." At present, private FM radio licenses are given only cities and towns (like Patna and Muzaffarpur), but small, rural and community-based broadcasters like Raghav are not permitted to apply for a radio license.

When this question was raised with raghav, his answer was very innocent "I never knew this was illigal, I am running it since past 3 years, everyone loves it. Do you think, I have any right to stop it ??? "

We discussed the issue with several legal experts and two possible solutions are possible at this moment:

1. If BAG FILMS allows Raghav Radio Mansoorpur 1 to operate by not complaining against Raghav.

2. If BAG FILMS can employ Raghav and Sambhu in their new radio Station, where they can continue the same work on much better infrastructure and salary. But, since they are not so educated, do you think it is possible???

Bhopuria calls on everyone to put in their ideas to help Raghav and his FM Radio Station.