//Condom found in Merc

Condom found in Merc

Dharmendra Tiwari, Tuesday, March 14, 2006  00:46 IST, DNAINDIA.COM 

MUMBAI: Police claimed on Monday to have recovered strands of hair and a used condom from the green Mercedes of Abhishek Kasliwal, the S Kumar scion who has been accused of raping a 52-year-old woman. The car, like Kasliwal, is in police custody.

Kasliwal, who was arrested on Sunday, was produced in the Bhoiwada magistrate’s court on Monday afternoon. Inspector CP More told Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate PP Suroshe, “We have recovered some hair samples and a used condom from the back seat of the car.”

Dressed in blue jeans and half-sleeved shirt, Kasliwal sat quietly through the proceedings. He told the court that he was not ill-treated in custody. His face remained covered in the court.

A police source said Kasliwal’s blood alcohol test was carried out almost 24 hours after the incident. Police have also failed to recover the clothes he was wearing on Saturday, when he allegedly committed the offence. The victim has been asked to surrender the clothes she was wearing on the day.

Police said the statement of the guard posted at Gate 3 of Shree Ram Mills on Saturday would be re-recorded. In his first statement, the guard had confirmed opening the gate for Kasliwal at about 1.30am on Sunday. Police said they are trying to ascertain the route the vehicle took and whether there was any other witness.

Magistrate Suroshe remanded Kasliwal to police custody till March 17. But he allowed him home food and meeting with family members and advocates for 30 minutes between 4pm and 6pm. Gupte told the court that police had stated in their remand application that the victim was mentally unstable as her husband had died a year ago and that she often slept at Cross Maidan. He said the application clearly shows the victim was a habitual drinker and smoker.

Statement issued by Shambhukumar Kasliwal, patriarch of the Kasliwal family, on Monday

I am deeply pained by the events that have occurred in the last 24 hours. One of the third generation members of my family, Abhishek, age 26, has been accused by a 52-year-old lady. While the police are investigating the matter, and have already initiated quite a few measures, I am not fully aware of the circumstances of the alleged incident.

Without going into the merits and demerits of the charges, I would like to say that if Abhishek has indeed indulged in any wrongdoing, I would be the last person to come in the way of justice. We are an extremely God-fearing and traditional family with the highest respect for all human beings. By my standards, an assault of any kind on anybody’s dignity is not acceptable and totally contrary to the values which we have imparted to our children. Should anyone of them stray from the same, it does not meet with our approval.

To the best of my knowledge, Abhishek is innocent and I would not like anything to be done which would interfere in the administration of justice.

I have the highest faith and respect for the judiciary and the Mumbai police force.