//Marxists demand action against Rajasthan Minister

Marxists demand action against Rajasthan Minister

March 14, 2006, Jaipur (ICNS) — The Marxist party has urged the Rajasthan governor to take action against a minister in the state, who criticized a party delegation that probed the attacks on Christians.

Rajasthan Social Welfare Minister Madan Dilwar questioned the “intention” of the five-member team of Members of Parliament from the party that visited Kota this weekend to enquire into the attack on Christian institutions there.

In a statement from Kota Dilwar termed the team as "advocates of anti-nationals” and that its observations “carry no credibility.”

The Marxist team had concluded after the visit that the attacks on Christians and their institutions were unprovoked.

Dilawar said the parliamentary team belonged to “the fraternity of Brinda Karat and those who conspired to tarnish the image of Swami Ramdev. They are pleading the cause of those who have hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus and insulted our gods and goddesses. There is a deep conspiracy behind the developments.”

The minister also expressed his willingness to be stoned by the public if the law does not take its course against the Emmanuel Mission International, a Protest group that allegedly circulated the controversial book, “Haqeeqat” (reality).

The Marxist party on Monday demanded the Rajasthan Governor take action against the minister for using "unparliamentary language against the Members of Parliament.”

"We condemn the language used by (Dilawar) against the five MPs from our party who visited Kota to enquire into the attacks on the institutions run by the Emmanuel Mission and other Christian denominations in Kota. The members of the Lok Sabha, the highest Constitutional body in the country, have a right to gather information on atrocities against citizens in any part of the country and raise the issue in Parliament. It is the duty of the MPs to protect the Constitutional right of citizens," the party’s state secretariat said in a statement on Monday.

"There have been regular attacks in the state on minorities and their institutions. The Bharatiya Janata Party, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal have been vandalising these institutions in the presence of the police. The administration has remained a mute spectator to the destruction," said Vasudev, the party’s state secretary. "Even the ministers are involved in spreading the canard," he pointed out.

The acts of official repression such as the cancellation of the registration of the Emmanuel Mission institutions, stopping the supplies to the student hostels and orphanages and influencing the municipal bodies to render the buildings of the institutions illegal had all created a deep sense of insecurity among the minorities in the state, the party said.