//Mistake in ICSE math paper

Mistake in ICSE math paper

Calcutta, March 13: An error in the mathematics paper of the ICSE class X board exams today left candidates confused.

Many students complained they couldn’t finish the paper because they used up a lot of their time puzzling over the “wrong sum” — question 1(c) — which carried four marks.

The compulsory question was: “A person invests Rs 10,000 for two years at a certain rate of interest compounded annually. At the end of one year this sum amounts to Rs 1,200. Calculate: (i) the rate of interest per annum; (ii) the amount at the end of the second year.” The “Rs 1,200” was, of course, absurd.

Council deputy secretary Rita Wilson said “no student will be penalised” for the mistake.

In Guwahati, CEO of Sanskriti, The Gurukul, Asutosh Agarwal, echoed her words.

“That’s the general rule followed by all boards,” he said, adding that he had spoken to the council in this regard.

The school has not received any special instructions from the council office.