//Maya points finger at BJP for UP crisis

Maya points finger at BJP for UP crisis

New Delhi, Mar 15: Criticising BJP for creating a political crisis in Uttar Pradesh, BSP chief Mayawati today alleged that the saffron party helped Mulayam Singh Yadav to form a government by splitting her party.

"BJP helped Mulayam in forming a government in Uttar Pradesh in an illegal manner by splitting our party to ensure that I am not able to run the party after Kanshiram falling ill," Mayawati said addressing party workers at a function to celebrate the 72nd birthday of party founder Kanshiram here.

She alleged that BJP tried to eliminate her politically after BSP members voted in favour of the no-confidence motion against Vajpayee government.  "BJP with other ‘Manuvadi’ parties used CBI, judiciary, media and power to discourage me and thereby destroy BSP," she said.

She assailed the Samajwadi Party government for not obeying the Allahabad High court order regarding the 40 MLAs broken away from BSP. However Mayawati said that "I am expecting an early election in the state." Ailing Kanshiram was present at the function and accepted the birthday cake offered by Mayawati. Mayawati also announced that Kanshiram’s birthday would be celebrated as ‘Bahujan Samaj Divas’ every year.