//NDTV tracks marijuana route in Mumbai

NDTV tracks marijuana route in Mumbai

Prasad Ramamurthy / Wednesday, March 15, 2006 (Mumbai):

Buying charas or gaanja may be illegal in India, but as an NDTV team in Mumbai recorded on its hidden camera, it is not a difficult task.The streets of Colaba Causeway are one of many places in the city to begin the search for marijuana, which is deemed illegal under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.

The team approached a peddler right outside the gates of the Mazagaon port for Rs 500 worth of gaanja, and was asked to accompany him to a slum further down the docks. The slum is ground zero for all the marijuana that comes into the city. It is here that the drugs are packaged and then sent out for selling.

Out in the openThe team waited in a taxi as the peddler, who referred to himself as a tourist guide, returned with the green stuff in hand. The taxi driver did not bat an eyelid. When asked if the more potent form of the cannabis plant was also available, the peddler offered "pure Kashmiri charas", at the rate of Rs 1200 for 10 grams. The team was then taken to building situated very close to the Reserve Bank of India. They soon return with the charas, as well as 100 grams of marijuana that cost them Rs 700. The peddler also offered them cocaine and brown sugar. The police say they are aware of the fact that peddlers of hashish or ganja also sell hard drugs. But the ordinary worshippers of the weed don’t seem to really care. They say the hard drugs have come and gone, but pot is very much here to stay.