//UN on Verge of Human Rights Council

UN on Verge of Human Rights Council

United Nations, Mar 15 (Prensa Latina) The UN General Assembly decides Wednesday whether it will have a Human Rights Council or back out after five years of negotiations, termed a central piece in the reform of this international organization.

The Assembly should have reached a decision on this issue on Friday, but Swedish ambassador Jan Eliasson, who is presiding over the UN General Assembly, decided to postpone discussions for today.

Eliasson said that most of the 191 State members agree on the creation of that council, which should replace the Human Rights Commission of Geneva, which has been discredited by political manipulations from the US and some of its European allies.

Since the Swedish diplomat presented in late February the draft resolution on this new UN body, Washington rejected it, threatening it won´t vote to reopen negotiations.

Some typically close US allies are however this time in favor of Eliasson´s text, including Canada, the European Union and New Zealand, which have decided in these few past days to foster an initiative to prevent Washington from blocking creation of the Council.