//Angst of an Indian Muslim

Angst of an Indian Muslim

Imran Basar, Hindustan Times >  Surfer’s Corner >  March 16, 2006

Freedom of equality, no tolerance to discrimination and racialism, protection and expansion of minority rights and interest, education and advancement to backward classes – these are few of plethora of slogans/policies which are so emphatically mentioned in our great Constitution and have been proclaimed and propagated with staggering intensity by myriad number of politicians, liberals policy drafters, social and political activists and also by some human rights watchers.

So far so good.

But pitifully, depression and anxiety creeps in the mind when the harsh realities hit.

The plain and simple rationale behind this hysteria and angst is that these aforementioned policies and plans have either never seen the day of light or failed miserably to accomplish their stated objectives and purpose when finally implemented.

End result – inundation of Muslim minds with sceptic and suspicions about the very intentions and integrity of the Government.

Muslims, which is a widely accepted fact and strongly held view of many, are one of the most backward minorities of India since time of independence.

Take any aspect of life, be it political, social, economical, cultural and most significant of all educational, Indian Muslims are lagging behind pathetically. With each passing day, their tribulations are becoming excruciating and lamentable.

In such dire straits, there is not much left except languishing and hoping for some miracle to happen.

Each year generates tremendous amount of data, stats, figures, etc. which when put together tortuously present a picture of Indian Muslim society suffering with ever escalating malaises and agonies.

And quiet reasonably the aggravation and expurgation of these fears, insecurities and fragilities take roots when there is terrifyingly all encompassing hostility, apathy and violations of their rights and interests.

The recent confiscation of the minority status as well as reservation prerogative – rightly deserve by Muslims – of Aligarh Muslim University by judiciary is another act of abject discrimination and arbitrariness of government apparatus.

AMU which is probably one of the biggest educational institutions in India, particularly for Muslims, is conscientiously and vigorously striving for the enlistment and advancement of them in social hierarchy.

But amazingly, instead of providing it with necessary support and collaboration some fascist and communist forces in political circles are hell bent and are pursuing this malicious agenda with open aggression to not only sabotage but possibly to demolish the entire structure and any future role of AMU altogether.

Speaking rationally, after you take stock of this entire situation which is certainly filled with desperations and frustration, there emerges the fact which vehemently demands us to first make ourselves strong enough so as we are not only able to defend our rights intrepidly but also get equipped to meet any challenge and resistance bordering on repression, inequity or opportune hegemony of few.

For so long our conscience and spirit are alive, our battle against injustice and oppression is on.

Imran Basar of Aligarh Muslim University is our regular surfer and can be reached at [email protected]