//Riots, damned lies and terrorists

Riots, damned lies and terrorists

PANJIM, MARCH 15 — The question now that is troubling the police – what came first – the bomber or the bomb? And while everyone is trying to find an answer to that, comes the second question – who came first the militant or the riots.

The reason, Tariq Jallal is cool, composed and least worried about his fate and goes to sleep peacefully after every interrogation.

And what is raising doubts, is the various statements coming from the police. With DIG Ujjwal Mishra now admitting that the State police department was “caught unawares” on the recent Savordem-Curchorem communal riots, questions are also being raised over the States intelligence.

According to Director General of Police, Mr Neeraj Kumar, it was the Central intelligence officials that had given them “information” about the alleged Srinagar-based terrorist, Tariq Jallal.
The State police had claimed that the objective of this terrorist was to create disturbances in places of touristic importance in Goa initially and later revealed that Tariq had plans to target vital installations in Vasco city like the Mormugao Port Trust, airport, railway station, and oil dumps.

The DGP revealed that Tariq Jallal had joined the terror outfit Tehriq-Ul-Mujahideen, which is believed to be headed by Sheikh Jamil-Ul-Rehman and functioning under the leadership of Zameerudin Hyder in J&K.

Incidentally, this is not the first time that the State has witnessed terrorists sneaking in.

It may be recalled that in 2001, when incidents of torching worship places occurred in a deliberate attempt to disrupt peace in the State, little did the police know that it was the handy work of a terrorist outfit.

Sayed Zia-Ul-Hasan, named the “prime accused” in the famous church blast case by the Karnataka Corporations of Detectives allegedly masterminded the blasts in Goa, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in 2001. This chief of the banned Deendar Anjuman Society had allegedly hatched a conspiracy to spread hatred between Hindus and Christians by planting bombs and explosives at their places of worship.

Tariq Jallal may well have named the key installations in Margao as his supposed targets during interrogation but can this ‘confession’ be taken to its face value? The police, even before completing interrogation has maintained that there is no link between Tariq Jallal and the recent riots at Sanvordem- Curchorem.

Is the police trying to downplay the graveness of the issue since it could set light to another communal tinderbox or could it be because it was caught unawares of the activities of the alleged terrorist, remains a silence better kept. And while the debate keeps arising over the possibility of an attack the confusion keeps rising as to who is Tariq Jallal.