//Sen-sational: Amartya blasts US

Sen-sational: Amartya blasts US

Anirudh Bhattacharyya, CNN-IBN, March 16, 2006 at 12:15

Boston: Amartya Sen won the Nobel Prize for Economics, but he is also known for his political views, especially his opposition to the Pokhran nuclear tests in 1998.

He won’t comment on the India-US civilian nuclear deal, but Sen is skeptical of the criticism by some members of the US Congress, who accuse the Bush administration of violating international treaties to favour India.

Speaking out against American lawmakers’ double-standards on the Indian nuclear deal, he says: "Whether the US Senate has a right to take a very holy attitude on that I don’t know. But it does seem to me that the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty is so unequal between those who claim to be nuclear powers or do not wish to develop or whose nuclear powers were not acknowledged as such."

"It’s a very unjustly-formulated treaty," he says.

In the same breath, Sen also opposes India expanding its nuclear arsenal.

Sen’s next book, Identity and Violence, will be out later this month. It’s a book in which he attempts to demolish stereotypes like that of the monolithic Middle East.

"Not only do the terrorists see one identity as Muslim as opposed to the West, but the war on terror is also trying to redefine the Muslim as a terrorist, rather than addressing the fact that Muslims have many other identities too," observes the Nobel Laureate.

Currently a professor at Harvard University in Boston, Sen challenges the notion of partitioning people into categories in his latest book.