//UAE residents spend longest hours in traffic !!

UAE residents spend longest hours in traffic !!

DUBAI — According to a recent survey, UAE residents spend the longest hours in traffic every day. Road works are cited as the most probable cause, but 73 per cent of respondents are blaming each other’s selfish driving.

The survey on traffic was conducted on over 5,500 respondents in the UAE, China, Hong Kong, Spain, South Africa, Hungary and Russia. They were asked how many hours were spent in traffic every day and how their behaviour has changed to cope with the daily ordeal.

Forty per cent of UAE road users spend over two hours per day in their vehicles and a further 42 per cent commute one to two hours daily. ‘The Dubai authorities recognised that the road infrastructure did not develop as fast as our residential and business areas, and they are addressing this need by building more flyovers and intersections,’ says Andreas Gregoriou, the market research company, Synovate’s managing director for the Arabian Gulf. ‘These road works — evident all over Dubai – have increased traffic congestion in the short term.’

Changes in behaviour reveal just how much traffic affects people’s lives, as nine out of ten UAE respondents claim to have changed the time they leave for work and home to account for traffic problems. They also rank highest in the Synovate survey for being most likely to choose where to live in relation to work and schools.