//Support Bhopal's Demand for Justice and Dignity

Support Bhopal's Demand for Justice and Dignity

Take Action TODAY to Support the Bhopalis’ 800-km March to Delhi!  
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Several dozen survivors of the Bhopal gas disaster – the world’s  worst-ever industrial catastrophe – are walking 500 miles to New  Delhi, demanding justice and a life of dignity after 22 years of  struggle. The Bhopal disaster continues today, and the festering wound  of chemical terror holds vast implications for all of us. The Bhopal  campaign is one of the world’s longest people’s movements against  corporate crime, and the March to Delhi is the biggest and most  important action we’ve ever organized – but it won’t be successful  without your support.  
Many hobbled into the gurudwara, our home for the night, with feet  swollen and aching with the sting of walking on bandaged blisters in  the heat and the dust…  
All the padyatris were extremely spirited and energetic. "Ladenge!  Jeetenge!" the crowd shouted again and again — "We will fight! We  will prevail!"  
Read about the victories we’ve won thus far…  Read daily updates from the March to Delhi blog!  Learn more about the march and how you can help!  
The March Demands:  

1. National Commission on Bhopal: Set up a National Commission on  Bhopal to address health and economic needs of the impacted community.

2. Provide Safe Drinking Water: Commit full funds to provide clean  Kolar water to those drinking poisoned water.

3. Prosecute Union Carbide and Anderson: Set up a Special Prosecution  Cell to pursue Bhopal’s outstanding fugitives.
4. Make Dow Clean Up and Pay: Properly assess the contamination and  require Dow to clean it up.  

5. Blacklist Dow and Union Carbide: Stop Gov’t purchase of Dow  products a nd Dow’s expansion in India until Dow faces its  

6. Remember Bhopal: Do not undertake any activities to memorialize the  disaster without full survivor support and participation; declare the  anniversary a national day of mourning.  
21 Years is Enough! March to Delhi for Justice and a Life with Dignity  
Anivar Aravind