//Religious structures affecting traffic flow should go: Parrikar

Religious structures affecting traffic flow should go: Parrikar

PANJIM, MARCH 17 — The Leader of the Opposition Manohar Parrikar believes  religious structures  hampering traffic flow could be removed after having talks with the local  people. “If  you explain people properly  they understand, and you can remove religious  structures  with consensus of the people,”  Parrikar told a press conference  on Friday here. “You could do it if you speak to people properly” claiming that he has done it during his tenure. However, large number of such structures along national highways has not been touched for many years.

It is not alone Crosses but religious symbols of majority community too have come along the roadside, and need to be removed if causing obstructions, Parrikar said, when asked whether Crosses on the roadside needs to be removed.
However,  he said,   it doesn’t give anybody a right to demolish or destroy any such structures,”.
He also congratulated people of Comba, Margao for maintaining harmony, and jointly repairing the century old Cross at Comba Margao,  which was vandalized on March 14.