//Volunteers needed for the NCPRI

Volunteers needed for the NCPRI

We urgently need volunteers to help with the work in the National  Campaign for People’s Right to Information. We are looking for men  and women with a passion for fighting corruption and with a penchant  for transparency.  
This is by and large a self-supervised position, where your  conscience will be your boss. The work involves mundane jobs like  filing papers and keeping accounts, challenging tasks like advising  people on how to exercise their right to information, or researching  various RTI related subjects. It also involves the excitement of  filing RTI queries and pursuing issues through the twisted corridors  of power.  
Volunteers will have the opportunity to make a difference, if they  work very hard and are lucky. If they are in a dire financial state,  they can be given a subsistence honorarium.  
Computer literacy is a must. The office is in South Delhi. You can  check us out at http://www.righttoinformation.info/  
If this sounds like your kind of career option, or if you know  someone who might fit the bill, contact me at [email protected]