//Divorce for being frigid: SC

Divorce for being frigid: SC

Press Trust Of India , March 21, 2006 at 19:45

New Delhi The Supreme Court today held that indifference and frigidity towards wife and sexual abstinence constitute mental cruelty and could be valid grounds for divorce.

The general rule in all questions of cruelty is that the whole matrimonial relations must be considered, that rule is of special value when the cruelty consists of not violent acts but of injurious reproaches, complains, accusations or taunts.

"It may be mental, such as indifference and frigidity towards wife, denial of company to her, hatred and abhorrence for wife. Or physical, like acts of violence and abstinence from sexual intercourse without reasonable cause," a Bench of Justice Ruma Pal and Justice A R Lakshmanan said.

The verdict came on a petition by a woman seeking divorce on grounds of mental and physical cruelty and insanity.

Among the grounds, it was contended that non-consummation of the marriage itself would constitute mental cruelty to a married woman.

The court said ‘mental disorder’ under section 13(1)(iii) of the Hindu Marriage Act, as a ground of divorce is only where it is of such a kind. And also a degree that the parties cannot reasonably be expected to live together.

"Where the parties are young and the mental disorder is of such a type that sexual act and procreation of children is not possible. This may furnish a good ground for nullifying the marriage because to beget children from a Hindu wedlock is one of the principal aims of Hindu Marriage. The aim emphasizes on sanskar of marriage which advises of progeny and offspring," Justice A R Lashmanan, writing the judgment for the Bench, said.