//Hindu Baktha Jana Sabha President attacked

Hindu Baktha Jana Sabha President attacked

Madurai, March. 19 (PTI): Hindu Baktha Jana Sabha President V Thiagarajan, was today attacked by a group of unidentified persons at Lord Subramaniaswamy temple in Tiruparankunram near here.

During the car festival, Thiagarajan was distributing buttermilk to devotees gathered at the temple premises, when the incident occurred, the police said.

A member of the gang received a glass of butter milk from him and splashed it on his face. By the time, another person attempted to punch him on the face. Some other members of the gang shouted "kill that beggar Thiagarajan".

Meanwhile, the onlookers and members of the Hindu Baktha Janasabha raised an alarm and tried to chase the attackers who managed to disappear into the crowd.

Police suspect some local politicians against whom cases were filed by Thiagarajan for allegedly attempting to grab temple properties, to be behind the incident.

Following the attack, the Hindu Baktha Jana Sabha sought police protection for their leader.