//CHRO "public trial' and fact finding session

CHRO "public trial' and fact finding session

24 March 2006, 2. 30 PM, Sishak Sadan (ChinthaValappu), Kozhikode

Kozhikode: The Confederation of Human Rights Organizations, Kerala (CHRO) will conduct a public trial at  Sishak Sadan, (Chinta Valappu), Kozhikode on Friday, 24 March at 2.30 PM to assess the  human rights violations conducted by police since mysterious bomb blasts at Kozhikode K.S.R.T.C and Mofusil Bus stands.

The Fact-Finding Team to look into complaints of massive police atrocities unleashed in various parts of the state, following the media hyped  "twin blasts". The police had  adopted a method to brand all those who belong to Muslim community as "terrorists" and conducted massive raids in Muslim households which lead to extra judicial detention of youths.

This was announced in a  press release by Adv. K.P. Mohammed Shareef, Chairman of CHRO on Tuesday. The  trial is scheduled to start at  2.30 p.m.

The petitioners will include victims of police brutalities, their relatives and  people deprived of medical  and legal facilities. The grievances will be heard by a panel comprising of eminent persons  including attorneys,  cultural activists, medical practitioners and social workers.

Based on information collected from the petitioners, a charge-sheet would be prepared by the panel.