//Three arrested for hoax bomb calls

Three arrested for hoax bomb calls

Monday, March 20th, 2006, India E News.

New Delhi – Three youngsters were arrested here Sunday on charges of making hoax bomb calls to a discotheque in a five star hotel.

Police said Vinesh, Shivraj and Arjun were from well-to-do families and had made the false calls after they were denied permission to enter the discotheque.

‘Since only couples were allowed inside the discotheque, these three were denied entry when they went there on their own,’ said Ajay Kumar, deputy commissioner of police.

Between March 1 and 10, the three men had made over ten hoax calls about the hotel. ‘The hotel later registered a complaint and arrested them by tracing their calls,’ said Kumar.

Police have seized the mobile phone used to make the hoax calls