//Strengthen intelligence and watch Sangh Parivar anarchists : Goa PCC

Strengthen intelligence and watch Sangh Parivar anarchists : Goa PCC


Vichar Vibhag of Goa Pradesh Congress Committee has warned the law-enforcing agencies in particular and Goans in general that any incident of communal violence such as the one occurred at Sanvordem-Curchorem in the first week of March will be a strong and urgent invitation to terrorist groups to expedite their attacks in Goa.
The Vibhag has urged upon the Government of Goa to strengthen intelligence agencies and to keep a watchful eye on the Sangh Parivar as well as the leaderless Shivsena anarchists so that preventive action can be taken to avoid loss of life and property.
Vichar Vibhag has added that the arrest of Tariq  Battlo has revealed beyond any doubt that Goa is one of the target-areas of the terrorist groups.

That being so, any attack on the minority communities by the communal elements will provoke terrorists to expedite their destructive activities in Goa.
Vichar Vibhag held a special meeting on Saturday, March 18, to discuss the violence unleashed by communal elements at Sanvordem-Curchorem and discussed in depth all aspects of the violent attacks.
The members of Vichar Vibhag, after careful study of all the relevant facts, have come to the conclusion that it was a preplanned attack with a definite goal of instilling fear among the minority committees.
The members appreciated the restraint shown by the members of the minority community and lauded their patience and farsightedness of not retaliating.

Their restraint avoided escalation of violence and an opportunity to the communal fanatics to cause more injury to life and property. Vichar Vibhag has flayed the role of local BJP MLA Ramrao Dessai and other BJP MLA’s who visited Curchorem on March 4, for pouring oil into the fire instead of advising their supporters to stop violence.
“It is a shame for democracy and civil society that criminal elements were allowed to resort to loot and arson in the presence of their elected representatives” – the members have said.
Vichar Vibhag has expressed fear that communal fanatics may start a chain of provocative crimes to achieve their nefarious goal.