//Arrest M F Husain for 'nude' Hindu gods

Arrest M F Husain for 'nude' Hindu gods

AP,Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 0941 hours IST
NEW DELHI, MARCH 23 :  A court in central India has issued an arrest warrant for internationally acclaimed painter M.F. Husain for allegedly offending Hindus with his nude painting titled "Mother India," media reported Thursday.

Husain, a 90-year-old Muslim, had been ordered to appear in court after a Hindu activist filed a petition saying "Mother India" hurt Hindus’ sentiments.

The court in the city of Indore issued the warrant Wednesday after Husain failed to appear, the Press Trust of India news agency reported.

Husain is one of India’s best-known living painters and has recently sold some of his works for millions of U.S. dollars (euros).

He has raised Hindus’ ire in the past with his nude series depicting Hindu gods.

The court also rejected a request by Husain’s lawyers to transfer the case to the capital, New Delhi. The lawyers said Husain faced threats to his life in Indore, Press Trust of India reported.