//Dead woman walking

Dead woman walking

Statesman News Service
DURGAPUR, March 25. ~ A patient of Durgapur SD Hospital who had been admitted with diarrhoea was declared dead by the hospital authority. A radio message to the local police was aired to that effect and the relatives were informed .
On arriving at the hospital, her neighbours found her strolling in the hospital corridor in a “perfectly alright” condition. The hospital authority later issued a show-cause notice to the ward master concerned for his lapses.

The 60-year-old woman, Mrs Basanti Sarkar, a resident of Shramik Nagar, was admitted to the hospital 11 days ago. Dr MK Nandi, hospital superintendent, said: “She was released two days ago. But her family members did not turn up to take her back. So she was allowed to stay on.”
“This morning, the sister-in-charge of the female ward could not locate her for some time and served a letter to the ward master, stating that she was absconding,” Mr Nandi said.
The ward master, Mr Shankar Kapuria, “instead of trying to locate her, sent a radio message to the Coke Over police station that she was dead”.

Her neighbours went to the hospital after making arrangements for her cremation. But they found that she was very much alive and roaming with two women patients.
Her neighbour, Mr Chanchal Mullick, said: “We were surprised and did not have the heart to tell her why we were there with other young men of the locality.” Mrs Sarkar said: “The hospital released me two days ago but I couldn’t leave as neither my son nor my daughter-in-law came to take me home. It would have been better if I had died.” Dr Nandi said: “The youths, too, refused to take her home.”