//Dowry-hungry man mutilates wife

Dowry-hungry man mutilates wife

Ranjeet S Jamwal/SNS

JAIPUR, March 25. — Three members of a Rajastani village have been arrested for torturing a woman – including slashing her with a razor – in the hope of getting more dowry.
Narpat Singh Rao, a truck driver, his brother and mother are currently in police custody, accused of torturing Rao’s wife, Gavri.
It is alleged the family had been physically abusing the 22-year-old woman since she married Rao two years ago.

At first, it is claimed, they tortured her to get more dowry. When it became clear no more was forthcoming, it is alledged Rao bit the woman’s cheek and slashed her nipples with a razor to make her leave so he could marry a second time and get another dowry.
According to officers Rao claims he did the damage with his teeth, not a razor.

The incident is said to have taken place in Kanwla, Jalore district, on Holi, 14 March, though it was only when the young woman went to visit her parents, after phoning them to say the family was torturing her, that the story came out. Her mother reported the matter at the nearby Ahore police station on March 22.

Police say at first Gavri did not mention the incident on Holi to her mother. But when she took a bath her family heard her crying and her mother went in and discovered the wounds on her chest.
The station house officer Ahore, Mr Anand Singh Rajpurohit, said the husband, his brother and mother have been arrested and are currently in 15 days judicial custody.
“The husband claims he didn’t slit the nipples with blade but his teeth,” he said.