//Shot by eve teasers, Meher succumbs to her injuries

Shot by eve teasers, Meher succumbs to her injuries

CRUEL END: Meher Bhargava had objected to some men who were harassing her daughter-in-law

March 25, 2006 at 21:47

New Delhi: Meher Bhargava, the woman who was shot at for objecting to four men eve teasing her daughter-in-law, is dead.

Meher, the wife of a Uttar Pradesh Congress leader Luv Bhargava, was shot on February 28 in Lucknow after she confronted some youths who were harassing her daughter-in-law. She was coming out of a building in the heart of Lucknow when four men passed lewd remarks at her daughter-in-law.

When Meher, a lawyer herself, confronted them, demanding an apology, one of them shot her in the neck. Jaiprakash and Pramod Singh, two of the accused, have been arrested while the other two Amit and Sachin Pahari are absconding.

"Four people were named out of which two are already in our custody. Non-bailable warrants have been issued aginst the two who are absconding," Senior Superintendent of Police, Ashutosh Pandey, said.

The police have formed two groups and one of them has been sent to eastern Uttar Pradesh while the other has gone to Uttaranchal to investigate the matter. But that is not enough for Meher’s family.

Refering to the Jessica Lall case where all the accused were let off by the court recently, Meher’s husband, Luv Bhargava demended severe punishment for her killers.

"They should get the severest of punishment. The guy who shot at her should be hung and not let off, like it is happening all the time, like it happened in Delhi," Luv Bhargava said.After being shot she was brought to New Delhi and admitted to the Appollo Hospital. She was already paralysed except for her left arm. Recalling the incident Luv said that when his wife objected to the lewd behaviour, three of the youths apologised. However the fourth member of the group, Sachin Pahadi, did not do so, which angered her.

"Tum maafi kyon nahi mang rahe ho (Why don’t you apologise?)," she angrily questioned the fourth one.

Luv added that Sachin was chased by their driver. He suddenly stopped, said ‘sorry aunty’ and then pulled out a revolver and shot Meher in the neck. Meanwhile Congress President Sonia Gandhi met the bereaved family at the Apollo hospital. She has offered the state plane to take the body of Meher to Lucknow.