//Victims of poverty protest in Jammu

Victims of poverty protest in Jammu

Victims of poverty protest in Jammu - News India
Vikram Chowdhury Wednesday, March 29, 2006 (Jammu): At least 400 migrant workers staged demonstrations in Jammu to highlight their state of poverty. It comes a day after NDTV reported that workers sold their children to survive. The protestors besieged a governing Congress party member of Parliament when he visited them – causing injuries to five people.

The migrants have been homeless for the last eight years since anti-India militancy broke out.

"Three children we have already given away and eight years have past. Now we are ready to give a girl away too," said Krishna Devi, a demonstrator. "We have nothing to eat, we can’t afford their school expenditure, fees, their transport fare," she said. Dalip Singh, another migrant worker earns about Rs 30-40 rupees as a laborer. Last year he sold two sons to a local in Reasi for Rs 11,000 and his sons would be returned only when he paid back with interest. "My wife was ill I was forced to borrow money and then I had give my children to them. I could not work because my shoulder fractured," said Singh.