//Arab leaders reject Israel border plan

Arab leaders reject Israel border plan

Web posted at: 3/30/2006 2:33:20  Source ::: AFP

KHARTOUM: Arab leaders rejected yesterday any attempt by the government of Israeli premier-elect Ehud Olmert to fix the Jewish state’s borders if it is unable to negotiate for peace with the Palestinians.

They also expressed support for the nearly bankrupt Palestinian Authority as it comes under the control of Hamas, but turned a deaf ear to the radical Islamist group’s pleas for more money to avert a humanitarian crisis.

In a declaration at the conclusion of its annual summit in Khartoum, the 22-member Arab League said they rejected “Israeli measures including… fixing Israel’s borders unilaterally in a way that fulfills its expansionist greed.” Olmert has left the door open to a negotiated settlement, but said Israel will act on its own if need be and fix its borders by 2010, effectively annexing swathes of the occupied West Bank. But the Arab leaders said the action would “render impossible the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state” which has been promised under an internationally-drafted peace plan.