//Muslims unhappy with UDF, LDF: Milli Council

Muslims unhappy with UDF, LDF: Milli Council

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: All India Milli Council general secretary Mohammed Manzoor Alam has said that Muslims in Kerala are unhappy with both the United Democratic Front (UDF) and the Left Democratic Front (LDF).

Dr. Alam told a news conference here on Saturday that Muslims were unhappy with the two political fronts because neither had given proper representation to Muslims or done enough to meet the demands of the community vis-à-vis the Narendran Commission recommendations.

Accusing the UDF Government of non-implementation of the Narendran Commission report, the Milli Council general secretary said that though the State Government had amended its service rules to check loss of reservation quota, it had not done anything to carry out special recruitment to fill the backlog. The LDF too has failed to give any firm assurance on carrying out special recruitment for Other Backward Communities (OBCs).

While other communities have been given seats in excess of their percentage share in the population, the Muslims have been given a raw deal in seat distribution. The UDF Government in Kerala has also failed to take any serious step to empower Muslims with adequate representation in different committees, commissions and statutory boards. The LDF is also guilty of the same failure. This meant that both the alliances lacked concrete proposals to address the issues and problems of Muslims, he added.

Dr. Alam, who is in Kerala to evaluate the political situation as part of a national-level exercise in all States going to the polls, said the strategy of the Milli Council was to collect information about different parties and candidates at the constituency-level and then take a decision on whom to support. It has already declared its stand in Asom, but an exercise is still on in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry to evaluate the relative merits and demerits of the major players and to arrive at a decision.

The Kerala unit of the Milli Council, he said, would come out with its decision on whom to support in the coming few days after completing its evaluation of the situation.