//Soldiers battle for peace of mind

Soldiers battle for peace of mind

FIGHTING FIT?: Long and stressful working hours leave the jawans with hardly any time to relax.
Updated Sunday , April 02, 2006 at 17:22

New Delhi: Stress has been the biggest enemy of the armed forces in recent times and to combat this problem the Army has hired counsellors in Jammu and Kashmir.

Difficult terrain, never-ending working hours and combat zone – life doesn’t get any tougher for jawans posted on the border.

"Each unit will have a counsellor who will keep interacting with the soldiers so that stress is not precipitated. Vulnerable people will be withdrawn from such working conditions and if required transferred," Director, Armed Forces Medical Services, Vice-Admiral VK Singh said.

There’s been an alarming rise in the number of trigger-happy security personnel venting their frustration on their colleagues. More than seven security personnel committed suicide in Jammu and Kashmir in the last two months.

Experts say besides the stress of working in a combat zone, its domestic problems and denial of leaves that leads the soldiers to pull the trigger.

"Soldiers are worried about the family they have left behind. We are interacting with the civil government to make sure that the families are looked after," Singh said.

Fighting militancy in the Valley is a tough job and long and stressful working hours leave the jawans with hardly any time to relax.

Meanwhile, entertainment plans have already been introduced along with yoga sessions to destress the soldiers and make them fighting fit.