//Man kills little son to 'appease' goddess

Man kills little son to 'appease' goddess

Lucknow,India April 1 : In a bizarre incident, a young barber here slit the throat of his four-year-old son, claiming it was to appease goddess Kali.

"The goddess appeared before me and commanded me to offer either myself or my son. I chose to opt for the latter because if I had died then the rest of my family would suffer," Pramod told the cops Friday night after the heinous crime. Pramod works as a daily wager at a hair-cutting saloon in the Krishna Nagar area on the outskirts of the capital.

He killed his son while his wife Kusum had rushed out of the house to call neighbours for assistance as Pramod was behaving in a weird manner proclaiming the goddess had come before him. "When I returned within a few minutes, I saw my only son Ayush lying in a pool of blood with his throat slit open and my husband holding a razor in his hand," the sobbing mother said.

Kusum claimed her husband had acquired some kind of split personality after his uncle fed him with some "potion". "They have a dispute over the family property. He would also visit some tantrik (witch doctor) in search of a quick solution to the problem," she said. Pramod said the tantrik had assured him he would be rid of the property dispute if he were to offer human sacrifice. "I could repeatedly see goddess Kali appearing before me asking for the sacrifice – which I ultimately offered," he said.

The police, who have taken Pramod into custody, do not buy his claim. Lucknow senior superintendent of police Ashutosh Pandey said he suspected that Pramod and his wife were cooking up a false story.

"We do not rule out the possibility that the killing was done because Pramod suspected his son to have been fathered by a paramour of Kusum," he said. Police are on the lookout for the tantrik, who is absconding.