//Nuns 'preach Christianity', fired

Nuns 'preach Christianity', fired

PRESUMED GUILTY: The nuns allege the allegations are baseless. 

Ahmedabad: Catholic nuns in a government leprosy hospital in Ahmedabad will no longer be able to serve patients after the Gujarat government refused to renew their contracts.

The government suspects the nuns were preaching Christianity among patients. "It is a rumour and what people are falsely talking about. I did not believe it my self. I know it is in my agreement that I am not supposed to preach here and you can ask the patients to find out that I don’t," said Sister Karuna, a former president of the hospital.

Patients too denied the government’s allegations against the nuns. They said the nuns have been thrown out on baseless charges. "We were never given sermons from the Bible and we were never asked to convert to Christianity," said Laganpat, a patient.

The government terminated the contract with the Christian society of Dioses without informing them. The issue has created outrage in the Christian community of Ahmedabad.