//Man kills, burns wife for 'success'

Man kills, burns wife for 'success'

GORY AFFAIR: Ramaswamy burnt his wife, Suryakanti’s body in a tandoor at his food factory

Man kills, burns wife for ‘success’


Malkangiri (Orissa): A man in Orissa allegedly hacked her wife into pieces and then burned her in a tandoor at the suggestion of a tantrik who had assured him that this would bring him success in business.

Ramaswamy allegedly burnt his wife, Suryakanti, in a tandoor at his food factory in Malkangiri district. The tantrik allegedy helped him in the murder.

"He did this because his tantrik friend told him that he was suffering losses in his business because of his wife," DSP of Malkangiri, Subash Mahapatra, said.

The murder took place on March 23, but came to light when Mangala, a child, told people that she had seen two men killing a woman.

Recalling the incident, Mangala said, "I saw two men killing Suryakanti. They cut her into pieces and stored the body parts in pots. They threatened to kill me, so I did not tell anybody."

The two men allegedly burned the body parts and threw the ashes in a nearby jungle. Ramaswamy and the tantrik are believed to have fled to Tamil Nadu.

Ramaswamy’s photo is now on Orissa Police’s wanted list. The police have sent special teams to Tamil Nadu to nab the men.

The murder is reminiscent of the Naina Sahni case in New Delhi in 1995. According to police, the accused Sushil Sharma had cut his wife, Naina Sahni’s body into pieces, stuffed them into a gunny bag and taken it to a restaurant for disposal in a tandoor.